The Team Our team of stars!


Lou Schreier

VP Portfolio Strategy and Technology

Lou is the Innovation Laboratory's VP, Portfolio Strategy and Technology in the Silicon Valley Innovation Center of T-Labs, where he is responsible for overseeing the development, integration, and transfer of innovative technology and products to Deutsche Telekom's Business and Operational units, as well as fostering strategic technical relationships within the Silicon Valley.


Sumanth M. Sathyanarayana

Research Engineer

Sumanth is a Research Engineer working on SDN concentrating on SD-WAN and Container Networking. He is leading the effort on VPN2Go and Industry4.0 Project. He comes from a SDN legacy having worked previously at ON.Labs and Hewlett Packard.


Arno Puder

Project Manager

Arno received his Ph.D. from the University of Frankfurt/Main, Germany. After working for Deutsche Telekom AG and AT&T Labs, he is currently a professor of computer science at San Francisco State University and a part-time employee at T-Labs. His research interests include distributed systems and wireless sensor networks.


Sriram Natarajan

Senior Research Engineer

Sriram is a Sr. Research Engineer working on Container Networking and Security for SDN, and also the vice-chair of the Security Working Group at the Open Networking Foundation.


Garner Lee

Lead Engineer (NFC)

Garner is currently an lead engineer at SVIC to enable Near Field Communication (NFC) in Mozilla’s FirefoxOS. He spends time running long distances, eating out, and random projects that includes playing with hobbies 3D printers.


Jessica Haro

Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Jessica is the Executive Assistant/Office Manager for Lou Schreier and the SVIC team. She just started supporting the team and is having fun getting to know everybody. She was born and raised in Germany and is bi-cultural, having lived in SF since finishing her Abitur in Germany. She graduated from SFSU in International Relations and is working on her project management certification from UC Berkley.

Shuqiang Zhang

Shuqiang Zhang

Research Engineer

Shuqiang is currently working on joint orchestration of virtual network functions and network control enabled by SDN. Before joining T-Labs, Shuqiang worked on WAN Optimization at Riverbed. He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of California Davis, focusing on multi-layer transport networks.


Roman Baumgartner

Technical Lead (Mobile Platform)

Roman is leading the efforts within the Enabling Platform team. In general he looks at all software platforms that enable us to do something interesting. His expertise covers both mobile and cloud worlds. If he is not in the office, he is chasing after a ball and tries not to get injured. ... and he is close to finish Dexter season 3 :-)


Siddartha Pothapragada

Senior Software Engineer

Sid is a Sr. Software Engineer working on enabling NFC sub-system on Firefox OS. Previously he spent several years working at Wipro Technologies and doing roadtrips. 011110000000111110000011111100000000111111



Abhishek Dwaraki

Research Intern (SDN)

Abhishek is a third year Ph.D student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is interested in anything that has to do with computer networks in the broadest sense. More specifically, he loves working on protocols and network control, network design and its architecture. His current research interests are focused on clean slate designs for the next generation Internet.