Project SDN Software Defined Networks

Srini Srini / @srini084 DJ DJ / @djsampath Ani Anirudh / @anirudhvr

  • Software-Defined Wide-Area Networks

    Wide Area Networks (WAN) are simple, yet ossified. They lack dynamicity, and are being reduced to dumb static bitpipes. The goal of this project is to design and prototype the technology base that will enable next-generation WAN operations, for networks used to offer cloud and VPN services, so as to improve WAN operations and revenue.

  • L4-L7 service programmability

    In today’s cloud service rollout, L4-L7 services are baked into a blackbox that is not agile and not easily programmable. Furthermore, the L4-L7 service is not synergistically operating with the SDN-based L2-L4 network control. The goal of our project is to develop the right abstractions for programming and composing L4-L7 services, and to bring to L4-L7 what SDN has only achieved thus far in L2-L4.

  • Workload mobility over Hybrid Clouds

    Customers of T-Systems hybrid cloud offerings wish to seamless migrate workload that comprises computing and storage resources, connected by networks and network services. The goal of this project is to enable the critical need to encapsulate and move these workloads among different cloud sites, while not requiring a forklift upgrade of the overall infrastructure.