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  • Droidshake

    Earthquake Early Warning Networks

    What if you received a 40 seconds heads-up about an impending earthquake? What could you do? We can shutdown public transportation, bring industrial processes into safe mode, notify first responders and hospitals, get children in schools to safety!

    In collaboration with UC Berkeley's Seismology Department, we are developing a community-based early warning system utilizing smart phones as a very large sensor network capable of early detection. Since 2012, we focused on both the handset technology as well as network efficiency and communication, while UC Berkeley developed the intelligence that makes the early warning possible.

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  • arena connect

    Athena Connect Platform

    This project focuses on building enabler platforms for communication of tomorrow and over-the-top services, using state-of-the art technology including smart phones and cloud. This platform allows us to monetize captivity, social, local, and mobile networks, in a fun manner. Within the scope of this project, we built several applications in collaboration with 3rd parties. For instance, we built an application that fosters closer social networking among fans attending a game in a stadium, and between fans and the stadium concession merchants. The latter communication enables new and recurring revenue streams for DT.

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