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  • Firefox OS Smartphones

    Mozilla, with its mission of fostering an open, standards based web, created a firefox OS based smartphone that has the potential to change the landscape of smart mobile technology. Launched in Europe this summer, and with additional launches planned for 2013 and 2014 in Europe, South America and elsewhere, the Firefox OS smartphone has the potential to accelerate the development of mobile web-applications and shift the mobile ecosystem from closed and proprietary architectures to an open web.

    We, along with other operators and the open source communities, are partners with Mozilla developing software that will bring the open web into the hands of millions of users and enable HTML5/js application developers to write web-applications that will run on Firefox OS. One benefit for the application developer is that they will no longer have to chose what to target first, or to maintain multiple versions of their software. Web applications developed for FFOS will run on any device whose browser supports HTML5 and javascript.

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