Project Athena Connect

Roman Roman / @roman

  • Instant Connect

    InstantConnect application was developed as part of the Communication-as-a-Service (CaaS) project to support DT business unit and to integrate with the Developer Garden APIs. The server side was built using the powerful and novel functionality in the Tropo platform, while the front-end application was built for Android clients. While the application can easily allow a user to make and receive voice calls or SMS, it can also provide advanced ad-hoc or instant group calls. For example, InstantConnect users can perform group calls where the group is pre-specified, or by filtering the group based on a geo-proximity indicator. The application works irrespective of the communication capabilities of either party, and is capable of offering an exclusive phone number for this service.

  • Arena Connect

    We leverage emerging Social-Local-Mobile (SoLoMo) innovations to deliver value-added interactive services to our customers in a real-world setting. By creating a positive and sticky user-experience via sustained engagement, we build a channel for monetization. Specifically, we focused on 'connecting' consumers, merchants and advertisers in a sports stadium. A user can ...